Just a little bit about myself

I have loved dolls from the time I was very young. I would play for hours with my sister. I remember in my early twenties wandering the Bellevue Arts and Crafts Fair in search of original cloth dolls. I had very little success.When I had my first daughter, I wanted to make her a special doll. After much searching and experimenting, I finally found the patterns that gave me a perfect opportunity to use combine all of my different crafting knowledge into one final product that I have been enthralled with for years. Plus there was so much more to learn! 

My husband Dave has been an incredible support as I have grown both as an individual and as a doll maker. He is my "wing man". He attends all our shows and he also creates all of the incredible fantasy film wings that adorn most of my Pocket Pixies, Sprites and Faeries.

Abbi and Emily both continue to grow into extraordinary young women. They help coax some of the names and stories from the dolls. Abbi is an accomplished violinist and writer. Emily is developing her talents as a painter/mixed media artist. I wouldn't be surprised if I eventually use her talents in developing special fabrics for body materials and mermaid tails.

If you need to inquire about a show or a doll please email me at info [!at] kasydyjaynedolls.com or call me at (425) 736-0015.

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